4 Pure Power Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate 750 G , 26.4 oz x 4

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4 Pure Power Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate 750 G , 26.4 oz x 4 - St 1 A R

  • A Prop 65 warning on your food or supplement label doesn't necessarily mean the product is unsafe, or that you shouldn't take it.
  • Prop 65 warnings can be found on the packaging of almost any product you buy, from protein powders and breakfast cereals to jeans and gardening shovels.
  • You may see a warning label on a product that contains safe levels of a substance. Plenty of companies cover their legal bases by putting a label on their products, even if it may not be necessary.
  • It's not all man-made chemicals or petroleum by-prodcuts in question; often it's something naturally occurring in food.
  • The science in cancer claims isn't black and white; often it's based on animal studies.
  • Prop 65 chemicals and their respective "safe use" thresholds are only recognized in California, not by any other federal or international regulatory body. The FDA has criticized and overulled Prop 65 in some cases.
  • The conversation about Prop 65 definitely isn't over yet. Where it ends up could be quite different from where it is now. 

Prop 65 is a piece of legislation that's unique to the State of California and, in theory, only applies to products sold in, and to commercial establishments within, that state. And to be clear, Prop 65 is a well-intentioned piece of legislation. Its purpose is to increase public awareness about the potentially dangerous stuff you may not realize is in the products you buy. It takes the form of a label on a product saying something along the lines of:

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