5 Extreme 2-way Digital Splitter Vertical Flex-mt 5-1002MHz EMI-130dB OUT-3.5dB

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Enhance your cable or satellite signal distribution with the pack of 5 Extreme 2-way Digital Splitters. These splitters are designed to efficiently split the signal from a single source to multiple devices, ensuring reliable signal transmission. With a frequency range of 5-1002MHz, these splitters are suitable for various digital applications. The vertical flex-mount design allows for easy installation in tight spaces. With an EMI shielding rating of 130dB, these splitters minimize electromagnetic interference for optimal signal quality. The low insertion loss of 3.5dB ensures minimal signal degradation during splitting. Upgrade your signal distribution system with the 5 Extreme 2-way Digital Splitters and enjoy seamless signal distribution to multiple devices with superior performance

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