LED Wholesalers Pack of 4 LED Light RED & White 24 W & 36W 12V dc 300xsmd3528 +

Sale price$35.76


Experience vibrant and versatile lighting with the LED Wholesalers Pack of 4 LED Lights. This pack includes a combination of red and white lights, perfect for various applications. Each light features a power output of 24W or 36W and operates on a 12V DC power source. With 300 high-quality SMD3528 LEDs, these lights provide bright and efficient illumination. The red and white color combination adds visual interest and flexibility to your lighting setup. Whether you need to enhance your automotive lighting, create stunning light displays, or add accent lighting to your space, these LED lights are up to the task. With their low power consumption and long lifespan, they are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Upgrade your lighting setup with the LED Wholesalers Pack of 4 LED Lights and enjoy the benefits of reliable and eye-catching illumination.Listed with ExportYourStore.com

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