Lot of (2) Mitel 5340 IP Phone (Black)

Sale price$63.94


The Lot of (2) Mitel 5340 IP Phone (Black) offers a reliable and feature-rich communication solution for businesses. These IP phones are designed to provide clear and high-quality audio, ensuring effective and efficient communication. With their sleek black design, they add a modern touch to any office environment. The Mitel 5340 IP phones come equipped with a large backlit display and programmable function keys, allowing users to easily navigate menus and access commonly used features. They support a wide range of advanced calling features, including call forwarding, conference calling, and voicemail. These phones are compatible with most Mitel phone systems and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing communication infrastructure. With their user-friendly interface and robust performance, the Lot of (2) Mitel 5340 IP Phone (Black) is an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities.Listed with ExportYourStore.com

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