New Miuphro KN95 Foldable Protective Mask 40 Each Filtration 95% 2 packs

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Stay protected with the New Miuphro KN95 Foldable Protective Mask. This pack includes 40 masks, divided into 2 packs of 20 each, ensuring you have an ample supply to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. These masks are designed to provide a high level of filtration, with a 95% efficiency rate, helping to filter out airborne particles and droplets. The foldable design allows for easy storage and portability, making it convenient for travel or daily use. With an adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops, these masks provide a secure and comfortable fit for most face sizes. Each mask is made with quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. Take proactive measures to protect your health and those around you with the New Miuphro KN95 Foldable Protective Mask.Listed with

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