Smart IP Video WiFi Wireless Doorbell Talk Door Bell Security Camera unit only

Sale price$27.30


The Smart IP Video WiFi Wireless Doorbell is a cutting-edge security camera unit designed to enhance the safety and convenience of your home. With its integrated WiFi connectivity, you can connect the doorbell to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to remotely monitor and interact with visitors at your door. The camera's high-definition video resolution ensures clear and detailed footage, while its two-way audio enables seamless communication. Equipped with motion detection technology, the doorbell sends instant alerts to your device when activity is detected, ensuring you never miss a visitor. With its sleek and modern design, the Smart IP Video WiFi Wireless Doorbell is a must-have addition to any smart home security system. Please note that this product includes the camera unit only and does not include additional accessories such as the doorbell button or chime.

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